Perfect Gifts For Condo Loft Owners

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No doubt about it, condos and lofts are the in thing as far as real estate today. Condos for sale in downtown Toronto never stay on the market for long, as they are snapped up by eager city dwellers and even investors right away. It's a similar situation in most big cities across the world. One of the main things to keep in mind with condos, of course, are their small size in comparison to a single family home. This is part of the reason why condos are so popular, but is also a major issue for those looking to buy gifts for their friends who live in condos.

Storage space is at a premium in and those elsewhere, so there is literally not a lot of wiggle room for the caring friend who wants to buy a nice house warming gift for the new owner. Let's take a look at some considerations when buying gifts for a condo owner, with a couple of ideas thrown in as well.

Getting In

One thing almost everybody forgets about when it comes to condos is the difficulty in moving many gifts into the unit itself. This is particularly true of furniture, which anyone who owns King West condos can attest to. There are lots of floors to go up (and unless you have the use of the industrial elevator, that means climbing up stairs) and doors are always narrow.

That means you either have to fore go large furniture gifts, or opt for items which can be assembled once they arrive on site. If you choose the latter, make sure the gift can be easily disassembled. You don't want your friend having to leave the gift behind once she decides it's time to look at the prices of newer condos!

Not a lot of Room

No condo unit or loft has a lot of room in it. That means owners have to be creative about how they use their space, and friends wishing to buy house warming gifts must be equally creative.

There are several things you can do to ensure a gift for friends who have just purchased downtown Toronto lofts fit in well in a limited space. The first is to think vertically. When you look at any living space, it's surprising just how much room is left unused above waist level. Vertical storage units, book shelves, and entertainment cabinets can be the perfect fit in a new condo or loft.

Multi use items are another great idea for condo gifts. Ottomans which can also be used as stools and even coffee tables can be a perfect complement to a condos decor; many other multi use pieces of furniture are available as well.

So before you get a housewarming gift for residents of Montreal condos or Toronto lofts, remember that space is limited. You will have to get a bit creative in your thinking, using the guidelines we suggested above.

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